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Domain Redirect + Ranking 1st In 90 Days for Level One Investments

The Client

A year after trusting us to build their website from scratch, Level One Investment reached out to us during a rebranding and ownership change. They needed help keeping the content and backlinks from their old name on their new site.

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The Plan

Moving a website to a new address is a tricky job that can cost you important rankings, backlinks, and content if it's not done right. This is exactly why open conversation and teamwork between the client and our team was so important for the process to go smoothly.

The Execution

First, we gathered all of our clients' login information for their online files.

The next step was to make a backup of the old website and move its material to the new domain.

Lastly our team needed to check for any technical issues, set up tracking, and 301 redirect the old URLs so that they point to the new website without losing any existing backlinks.

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The Results

It worked! From July to October 2023, Level One Investment got a boost in organic traffic and leads after we successfully redirected their old domain. We were able to get 636 new visitors, and rank them first for a blog post we revamped that brings in an average of 48 visitors every month.

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